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Kayak Paddle



  • Where is the HIN # on my kayak?
    The HIN ( Hull Identification #) is located on the back right side of the hull, as well as inside one of the storage hatches on your select kayak model.
  • How are your kayaks made?
    Are kayaks are fully roto-molded out of High-density polyethylene that contains UV Protection. Heat treated and sealed to ensure a water tight ride.
  • Does Grayco Sports offer a kayak warranty?
    Grayco Sports offers a FREE full 2 year warranty with the purchase of every kayak. This covers the full hull for 2 years, and parts and accessory defects for 1 year.
  • Do you ship kayaks?
    Grayco Sports will offer shipping throughout the entire lower 48 states in the Spring of 2021
  • Why do your products sell out so fast?
    Our products are selling at a rapid rate and demand is at an all time high. To ensure you get the kayak you want in the color you want, we recommend you contact us for pre-order.
  • Which kayak is right for me?
    Everyone has their own taste, needs, wants, and demands. We offer all types, colors, and drives of kayaks to help you make a confident purchase decision. If you don't know what model you like best, or which would suite you, give us a call and we will fit you into your perfect boat.
  • Can you send me more photos or videos?
    Always! We are more than happy to take you on a virtual tour of a kayak or kayaks you are intersted in. We will go in depth about all the details and capabilites, to help simplify your decison process.
  • What is your most popular kayak?
    All of our kayaks sell out extremely fast, the Sport 100/110 are our most popular padle drive options.
  • Why do you have a fin drive system in the Sport 100P?
    We get asked this a lot, and the break down is very simple! We have a fin drive system in our Sport 100P. As you may know this is a 10ft kayak. Typically when a customer wants a 10ft pedal drive kayak they are looking for something that is fast, agile, easy to manuver and that is exactly what our fin drive systems allows for. The fin drive system is lighter, faster and more flexible than our fully cast propeller drive system, making it a perfect pair for the Sport 100P.
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