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Grayco Sports was founded in the summer months of 2020 out of a sizzling garage in hill country Texas, by a passionate outdoorsman who has grown up on the water. It is hard to find a kayak with all the necessary accessories and features without breaking the bank. Our mission has been to build a brand that offers great value for the money. Our Kayaks come loaded with options and accessories, whether it be for camping, fishing, or just comfort, there are features on all of Grayco Sports kayaks that appeal to all users. When you compare a Grayco Rig, and the customer service that is paired, there is nothing on the market that comes close. Our goal is to provide a product and service that is unmatched in the industry, and to make kayaking and affordable AND comfortable experience.


What We Offer

Grayco Sports carries a variety of kayaking products. We have 9 unique kayak models designed for all applications and all levels of paddlers. Whether you are just getting into kayaking and need a lightweight, recreational kayak, or you are a dedicated angler in the market for a new fishing rig, we have designs that will appeal to everyone. All of our kayaks are single piece, rotomolded polyethylene with integrated UV protection. Our kayaks are all covered by a 2-year limited warranty and come standard with features you just don’t normally see at our price range. Some of the standard features you can find on a Grayco Sports Kayak are rod holders, rudder systems, storage hatches, paddle holders, bag inserts, cup holders, accessory mounts, adjustable foot pegs, deck padding, and premium lightweight seats. We believe that it is important to have the necessary equipment on board to give the user the most comfortable and convenient experience possible.

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